Quotes and Awards - Sculpture Artist Michael (Mike) Van Dam

stainless chain reaction
sculptures made from stainless steel chain
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Quotes and Awards

' He creates high aesthetic artwork, australian Mike Van Dam - is  one of the most innovative and eminent contemporary realist and hyper-realist international artists.' Rarity Gallery - Mykonos, Greece'

What inspires you?
MVD: ' I’m at the stage now where I’m really testing my skills and myself. I get ideas and I wonder if I can make it work. With the 'dragon', I wanted to make it big just to make a statement.
I’m not really interested in making small things.'

These Hands
MVD: 'These Hands, they create, they discover, they touch, they love, they hold, they give…..
These Hands, They take, they hurt.'
Artist Peer award 2017 Swell Sculpture Festival Australia 2017;
And invitation to participate at Art Exhibition and competition at XI FIP Polo World Championship Sydney, Sydney Polo Club 2017 (with the participation of qualified eight worlds best Polo Teams: Spain, Argentina, Chile, England, Australia, USA, India, New Zealand).
Award/Recognition: 1st prize, Art Exhibition XI FIP Polo World Championship Sydney 2017

Degrees of Separation
Links. The links are made from smaller Stainless steel chain.
'For every action, there is a chain reaction.'
MVD: 'To me, they represent small things…… acts of kindness, love, violence.
We can choose these behaviours but we can never foresee how far the will affect others, their friends, Families, their future.'
Small, Medium and Large  Links are hand crafted for clients in both private collections and public display, as well as corporates across the world - Australia - Greece - Cypres - US - Israel - etc.
Artist Peer award 2013 and  Emerging Artist award 2013 Swell Sculpture Art Festival, Australia 2013;
And finalist awards at the 2014 Sculpture at Sawmillers exhibition in Sydney

Whale / Hand
MVD: 'In the early 1960’s, due to the whaling industry, there were estimated to be fewer than 200 Humpback Whales migrating along the east coast of Australia. Now, with help from various conservation organisations and public awareness, there are estimated to be over 20,000.'
Environmental award 2014 Swell Sculpture Festival,
Currently leased by the Foxton council, Victoria, Australia

Emerging Dragon
MVD: 'The Dragon plays a major part in Chinese culture dating back several thousand years. A symbol of prosperity, strength courage and resolve.'
'I was born in the year of the Dragon (1964)'.
People's Choice Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club Award for Michael Van Dam's #EmergingDragon  Stainless Chain Reaction at this year's Swell Sculpture Festival. #Swell2015
And Children’s Choice award, Swell Sculpture Festival, Australia 2015.

The Hatchling
Turtle. 'The Hatchling'.  Artfully capturing the moment a turtle emerges from the sand after hatching from its egg. Expositions at Queenland  International Airport, Swell Sculpture festival  2013; Exposition at  Soul in Stone art gallery, Sanctuary Cove's; Australia; commissioned to a Luxury Hotel Resort Goldcoast, Australia in 2016

MVD: 'Dolphins are such beautiful playful creatures. I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world where I can see them in their natural environment.
My Dolphins have been individually hand crafted for clients in both private collections and public display In Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.
Also a private collector in Tel Aviv, Israel'.

MVD: 'Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent. This piece was created for a local Pre-school education centre. The centre asked me to create a piece that the children could safely climb and sit on as part of the playground furniture. They also wanted a piece that could reflect on the Aboriginal history of the area.'

MVD: ' Seahorses are a gentle and fragile yet majestic creature, found in most oceans of the world.'
Commissioned by One&Only Resort, Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia.
Commissioned by private collectors in Australia

Rarity Gallery - Mykonos, Greece:    info@raritygallery.com
Australia - Gold Coast: info@stainlesschainreaction.com.au
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