Five links large sculpture - 'Degrees of separation'- - Sculpture Artist Michael (Mike) Van Dam

stainless chain reaction
sculptures made from stainless steel chain
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Five links large sculpture - 'Degrees of separation'-

Artworks Michael Van Dam > Links - Stainless Chain Reaction
Five Large  Links Sculpture  'For every action there is a chain reaction'

37500 stainless steel chain links
220 cm x 300cm x 150 cm, 180 kg
various sizes

small links: 43 cm x 30cm
medium links:80cm x 40cm
large links: 120cm x 80cm

All pieces are individually created - no two pieces are the same - there is no limit of the size of a piece.
© Michael Van Dam
Rarity Gallery - Mykonos, Greece:
Australia - Gold Coast:
Disclaimer                  © 2010-2120 Copyright |  Michael (MIKE) VAN DAM | All Rights Reserved

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